Why hello there! Welcome to the L Squared Life — a blog about life, learning, and the littles.  I had some trouble settling on what I plan to write about until I realized my list pretty much settles around those three topics: random life things and building a home, my experiences in the classroom with teaching and learning, and my children!  So there you go – L squared: living and learning, our Lady Bug and Little Man.

So who am I? This is a tough question. I have always defined myself by my career or educational status — I am a teacher in an urban school district; I have a Masters in Education; I am a graduate of so on and so forth.  But I’m not quite those things anymore.

I am a college graduate, and I hold a Masters in Education.  I taught middle and high school over the past six years — in private schools, a charter school, and in urban school districts. I love teaching – I love working with students, I love designing instructional resources, and I love working with curriculum.  I love attending conferences and improving my practice.

But I don’t love that so much of the workday happens OUTSIDE the workday — the grading, the planning, the contacting parents, the meetings.  And I don’t love that it was taking me away from my family.

I also don’t love that I can’t be the excellent teacher I want to be WITHOUT spending that extra time. I can’t just “half @$$” it and feel good.

So after the birth of our Little Man, I decided to stay home. But I’m not the type of “just stay home” — although anyone who has done “just” that can surely attest to it still being a full-time job! It is crazy how busy you can be even when you’re not putting in a 9 to 5 outside the home. You’ll definitely be reading about some of our adventures here!

Anyway, while I LOVE being home with the littles, I also crave adult interaction and am driven toward a career.  Lucky for me, I discovered Norwex while I was pregnant with Little Man, and I joined an awesome team as a consultant.  At that time, I had no intentions of making it a full-time thing, but as my desire to stay home solidified, I began to take this business opportunity a bit more seriously!

I am SO GLAD I did.  Over just the last few months, I have been able to continue to contribute to our family’s finances. I have enjoyed sharing with others these amazing Norwex products that have made my home healthier and my life easier (so much less time cleaning!). I have also really enjoyed learning about business! I have jumped in FEET FIRST, and I am so excited to see where this goes.

But Norwex isn’t the only thing I’ve got going on — I still LOVE all of the work I did as a teacher. Honestly, my favorite part of teaching was probably writing lesson plans. EEK, RIGHT!? But I just LOVE designing learning progressions to engage students, bring them through the exploration phase of learning, help them create their own explanations, and then see what they ended up with! Although I’m not in a classroom currently, I am continuing to revise existing activities and develop new units for my Teachers Pay Teachers store, The 5E Teacher.  This is a passion of mine, and I am excited to see my store there grow.  You’ll find some posts on this blog about these topics and general classroom issues as well.

So it’s kind of hard to pinpoint who I am now that I don’t have such an easy identifier.  I am a teacher, but I’m not in the classroom.  I’m a mom, but I’m more than that.  I share Norwex products and how to live a “greener” life, but I also share instructional resources and how to foster a love for and understanding of science. I’m a wife in there somewhere, too — I know this, because I’m in JVT’s phone as “The Wife.” I guess I am in the process of redefining myself — although not in an angsty, middle school kind of way.  It’s currently an enjoyable process, and I’m OK with the ambiguity. It just makes it a bit difficult to write an ABOUT page.


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